What Pagliano’s Immunity Deal in the Clinton Email Scandal Reveals

The revelation that former Clinton aide Bryan Pagliano was given immunity by the Justice Department in the former Secretary of State’s email scandal has led to a kaleidoscopic array of interpretations, a true Rashomon moment.   Democrats see the granting of immunity of the last step in a process of clearing the Clinton of wrongdoing.  Some conservative commentators see the immunity grant as proof that a federal grand jury has been convened with dire consequences for the putative Democrat presidential nominee.  It is impossible to say for sure which interpretation is true, but an objective legal view suggests that this development is more likely to bode ill for Clinton than be the first step of her exoneration.  Democrats are predictably desperate to put the best face on this latest development.  New York Congressman Charles Rangel was fast out of the blocks to claim that Clinton would never be indicted (firing perhaps a shot over the bow of the...(Read Full Article)