Two Nations Suffering the Loss of U.S. Nuclear Deterrence

When Vladimir Putin invaded Crimea and other portions of eastern Ukraine in 2014, a suite of dominos began to fall in the West's nuclear deterrence strategy that had – until then – worked well for many decades. Whatever your feelings on Putin, he will certainly be viewed by future historians as one of the master geopolitical strategists of the 21st century.  Putin identified a key weak point in the West, and he struck at it with a killing stroke. His view was that the West was fraudulently guaranteeing protection of various perimeter states under its nuclear umbrella, and that Western powers would never sacrifice one of their core population centers for an incursion against these hinterlands. In this case, the hinterland was Crimea, long a part of the historical concept of Ukraine, but with enough Soviet and post-Soviet propaganda existing in the ether to allow for a plausible argument to be constructed that the region is an inherent part of Russia....(Read Full Article)