Trump Nation’s Capitulation

Stock market crashes are almost always accompanied, if not provoked, by panic selling. Investors, large and small, sell everything fearing that no amount of market stimulus, or bromides, will rescue their fortunes. There is no good news on any front -- be it employment, durable goods orders, commodity prices, emerging market economies, global conflict, or currency rates. There are no safe harbors. Large cap, small cap, high dividend yield, growth plays, IPOs, Triple A bonds, junk bonds -- all to be flushed.  Even contrarians can be swept up in the torrent of despair. Flight from the status quo becomes a stampede. No instruments are safe except cash and gold. Precious metals other than gold get crushed like any commodity, joining stocks and bonds in freefall. Wholesale surrender. Sell, sell, sell! The word in financial jargon is capitulation. Trump Nation has capitulated. Trump Nation is well beyond rage, and sending a message. Trump Nation is dumping every...(Read Full Article)