The Rise of America's Liberalist Class

Karl Marx wrote Das Kapital to describe how a new class of powerful, wealthy people had emerged in England during the industrial revolution. They did not need to inherit large tracts of land, or have the power to force serfs to pay annual tithes in order to get wealthy. Those sources of wealth were already taken. They gained their power through the growth of the industrial economy. Historically, governments had been rooted in and economically dependent upon geographical territory for their existence and power. The landed gentry, those who were already seizing the wealth of the working class, didn’t bother to get involved in the industrial revolution since they already controlled things. They figured they would just go along with the industrial revolution and tax the industrialists. And just as nobles had exploited serfs, Marx pointed out that capitalists had, similarly, exploited their workers. In the past half century, the liberalist has replaced the capitalist as the...(Read Full Article)