The Impending GOP Calamity: Why Has It Come to This?

The GOP, which should have been poised to run the table in the 2016 elections, could lose the presidency to Hillary Clinton, watch the Senate revert to Democrat control, and possibly experience serious loses at the state and local levels. Why has it come to this? According to, a new national Bloomberg poll shows Hillary Clinton beating Donald Trump badly (54% - 36%), and Ted Cruz rather less convincingly (51% - 42%). Losses this big have far-reaching consequences for sub-presidential races. In part, we are facing a normal feature of American electoral politics. The big Republican victories of 2010 and 2014 have given the GOP a bulge over Democrats in both houses of Congress as well as at the state and local levels. In the normal course of events, we should expect some diminution of the GOP’s lead over Democrats in Washington, DC, and at the state and local levels, just because they have a great many more seats to defend. Looking at this year’s 34...(Read Full Article)