The GOP Charade

It’s a 2-man race in the Republican Party. Anyone who can’t see this isn’t paying attention. Cruz and Trump are the only candidates who can win -- fairly and squarely. Only they can get the delegates to win on the first ballot. But the Washington Cabal, including GOP leaders, the press, and large donors who pull the strings, i.e., “The Elite,” “The Establishment” -- don’t want either to win. They don’t care that ordinary, non-elite rank and file Americans have made their choice in the designated way. Screw them. The GOP elites only care about doing whatever they must to get a puppet in the White House. That keeps them in money and power and they’re not, without a fight, going to relinquish either. So they’re supporting the failed candidacies of John Kasich and Marco Rubio, two who can’t win by majority votes but could take the prize if, by staying in, they keep Cruz and Trump from winning a majority of...(Read Full Article)