The Case for Trump + Cruz

There is an atmosphere of doom and despair hanging over the capital of the United States today.  The cause is by far the most competitive and genuinely democratic Republican primary season in many years, with by far the best team of Republican candidates, drawing more viewers to more substantive television debates than ever before.  In history. Every single Republican candidate has been head and shoulders above any of the rickety Democrats.  Hillary and Bernie look so bad, and their ideas are so out of date that Hail Mary candidate Martin O'Malley, had to start his campaign with a soft-porn photo op showing his bare muscles.  Maybe it was supposed to appeal to the gay lobby, or maybe Obama has set yet another dreadful precedent for the future, but O'Malley flopped like a dead herring.  And he made the Hillary-Bernie show look even more pathetic. You would think Republicans would take pride in an outstanding field of candidates competing with each...(Read Full Article)