The Case for Trump + Cruz

There is an atmosphere of doom and despair hanging over the capital of the United States today.  The cause is by far the most competitive and genuinely democratic Republican primary season in many years, with by far the best team of Republican candidates, drawing more viewers to more substantive television debates than ever before.  In history.

Every single Republican candidate has been head and shoulders above any of the rickety Democrats.  Hillary and Bernie look so bad, and their ideas are so out of date that Hail Mary candidate Martin O'Malley, had to start his campaign with a soft-porn photo op showing his bare muscles.  Maybe it was supposed to appeal to the gay lobby, or maybe Obama has set yet another dreadful precedent for the future, but O'Malley flopped like a dead herring.  And he made the Hillary-Bernie show look even more pathetic.

You would think Republicans would take pride in an outstanding field of candidates competing with each other, and actually reaching far outside the usual voter base.  But no, even self-proclaimed conservatives in D.C. sense "a feeling of menace in the air."

My hero Charles Krauthammer is down-hearted at the sight of Donald Trump leading the pack.  Dr. Krauthammer rightly blames the highly trained, Soros-paid and organized ruckus-makers who invaded Donald Trump's meeting in Chicago.  Krauthammer notes, "This was an act of deliberate sabotage created by a totalitarian left that specializes in the intimidation and silencing of political opponents."

This is exactly correct.

But you know where his column is going.  It's Trump who is the real menace in the minds of D.C., across the spectrum – which is too Marie Antoinette for words.  Conservatives have been calling for a popular revolt against the neo-Stalinist left for years, and when it shows up in the shape of Donald Trump, the Orange Demon, they join the P.C.  Organs of Propaganda in whipping up hysteria.  Even when Trump issues policy papers taken straight from our leading pundits, it's not good enough.

This makes me think that Trump's real sin is his unparalleled vulgarity, as practiced in the outer boroughs of New York.  Yes, our deep thinkers believe in democracy, but they feel an "air of menace" at the real thing, as if the vulgar mob is about to storm the Bastille.

Now, consider that America has barely survived almost eight years of the most radical left, America-sabotaging, and politically inverted administration in history.  Yet D.C. conservatives have come to terms with a racialist-Marxist-Islamophile administration, straight from the Chicago Machine.  Apparently our folks have come to terms with it, because they are shocked (shocked!) at a successful New York businessman actually leading the pack.  There is absolutely zero evidence that The Don has ever stirred up a riot, while the Soros-funded ruckus-makers have trained for years to do exactly what they did in Chicago.

George Soros started in Nazi-occupied Hungary by selling the household goods of Hungarian Jews who were arrested by the brutal S.S. and sent to the death camps, and yet Soros later wrote that it was "the best time in my life."  Soros is a self-diagnosed narcissist, who funds numerous lefto-fascist groups, who actually do riot and disrupt conservative speakers on campus, as well as enemy politicians in the United States.  Those facts make me feel an "air of menace," all right, and not just around the heavily fortified city of Washington, D.C.  General Petraeus was physically stormed by leftomaniacs at NYU six months ago, and he had to run for it.  The media barely reported it.  That kind of thing creates an air of menace, all right.  It is supposed to do that.  (See Karl Marx on revolutionary terror.)

Apparently our conservative elites have lost their perspective on things, which is what happens when you sleep with the enemy for too long.

If D.C. conservatives want to do something constructive, they might start making peace between Trump and Cruz, a dream team for real conservatives.  Trump and Cruz have had productive talks with each other, and there is not much disagreement on the fundamentals.  Trump is more of a pragmatist, as you might expect in a business guy.  He will do deals with the Devil if he feels it's necessary – which is good preparation for dealing with Vladimir Putin.  Cruz has a very skilled legal mind, has shown real political courage in standing up to the GOP mafia in Congress.  Cruz has a passionate belief in constitutionalism.

Put those two powerhouses together, and we might get a break from the relentless assaults of the left.  At least we will be able to answer back, which is very important.  Young people today have never heard a president speak about constitutional government.  They will never hear it from Hillary or Bernie, but Trump and Cruz could penetrate some heavily indoctrinated skulls.

So let's leave the hysteria to the socialist Democrats, who know how to run around tearing their hair off anyway.  The sooner GOP frontrunners unite, the better.  They are far more effective than Bob Dole and Lindsey Graham, with all due respect.  Trump brings in the Reagan Democrats, while Cruz can talk to the constitutionalists.

There isn't a better team in politics to clean up D.C. after two terms of Marxist-Islamist-racialist abuses of power.  Remember the stakes in this election.  After a power-hungry Obama and a sex-obsessed Bill Clinton, consider a Trump+Cruz team compared to the alternative.  Americans are optimistic by instinct.  This is no time for conservatives, of all people, to scare the horses.  The left will do that all by itself, and we don't have to help them spread delusional panic.

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