Stop Subsidizing Terrorists

It is telling that the Muslim terrorist and unemployed electrician, Ibrahim Abdeslam, arrested just prior to the Brussels bombing, was struggling by with his wife on just 1,000 euros a month from welfare. I raise that question because, to me, there is nothing more important to a terrorist than an independent income. How can you plan your bombings and sew your suicide belts if you have to show up at the construction site to wire up junction boxes? Naturally, we all think the Muslim problem is unique, and so it is. Except that we have seen all this before. Of course, when the Irish were tumbling off their coffin ships into New York and Boston they sent their own women out onto the streets, as the “nymphs of the paves,” whereas the Muslims of Rotherham sensibly use fatherless white girls for that purpose. But the Irish were lucky. They had Archbishop “Dagger John” Hughes to build St. Patrick’s Cathedral right there on Fifth Avenue, and the “shanty...(Read Full Article)