Paul Ryan’s Terrible, Horrible, Very Bad Budget

Congratulations, America!  Paul Ryan’s problems in getting his budget through are all your fault -- and he’s as much as said so. The battle is now openly exploding over the GOP leadership’s disinterest in curbing, in particular, $1.07 trillion in discretionary spending.  Responding to questions earlier this week about the opposition the proposed budget plan is facing, Ryan noted that the resistance was likely due to “all of the anxiety coming to a crescendo in this country.” Yes, if only a few pesky, non-compliant legislators would stop letting the doggoned will of the public get in the way… It’s a classic case of an abuser blaming his victim. Ryan conveniently fails to acknowledge that the prodigious spending and so-called budgeting he’s increasingly backed for the past several years have produced much of the public anxiety to which he points.  A mere two months after ascending to the Speaker’s chair,...(Read Full Article)