Obamanism Is the Real Enemy

I don't like the word "enemy" for domestic political opponents.  It is Saul Alinsky who introduced (or re-introduced) that word into our political discourse.  But we cannot doubt for one single second that the Left-Jihadist Axis considers us its top enemy.  Their war doctrine has always included hot war as a viable option.  (If you doubt that, check Wikipedia under "Revolutionary Terror.")  Donald Trump is not necessarily the best theoretical candidate.  But I feel the need to keep saying that Trump doesn't have fangs dripping with blood and horns growing  out of his orange comb-over.  Because the GOP race has now turned into naked mud-wrestling, with conservative pundits being whipped up by their liberal bosses (like the Washington Post) to jump on Trump with  hobnailed boots, all reasoned discourse is out the window for now.  And yes,  Trump is at least partly responsible for slinging his own mud....(Read Full Article)