Obamanism Is the Real Enemy

I don't like the word "enemy" for domestic political opponents.  It is Saul Alinsky who introduced (or re-introduced) that word into our political discourse.  But we cannot doubt for one single second that the Left-Jihadist Axis considers us its top enemy.  Their war doctrine has always included hot war as a viable option.  (If you doubt that, check Wikipedia under "Revolutionary Terror.") 

Donald Trump is not necessarily the best theoretical candidate.  But I feel the need to keep saying that Trump doesn't have fangs dripping with blood and horns growing  out of his orange comb-over.  Because the GOP race has now turned into naked mud-wrestling, with conservative pundits being whipped up by their liberal bosses (like the Washington Post) to jump on Trump with  hobnailed boots, all reasoned discourse is out the window for now.  And yes,  Trump is at least partly responsible for slinging his own mud.  His bad.

Let's all take a deep breath and count to ten.  If you can't manage counting to ten, try four.  If you can't even take a deep breath, have a good, stiff  drink first.

Let's look at the battle from a strategic hilltop a mile away, through field glasses. 

Fact 1.  Obama and the hard left are deadly foreign toxins imported into the American body politic, pumped into us by the remnants of the hard left that seemed to be defeated after 1990 due to the collapse of the Soviet Union.  Instead of accepting its loss, the Stalinoid left went underground, as it always does when its members are identified and defeated.  They infiltrated American universities, the media, the true civil rights movement, the liberal churches, on and on, and took them over. 

That is how they resurfaced in American life, starting around the 1970s, when the Stalinoid left conducted its infamous Long March Through the Institutions, as preached by Italian Communist Antonio Gramsci.  As with jihad, the hard left acts like HIV, which hides in the body when the immune system learns to identify and destroy it. 

When the coast is clear, the sickness revives and can overwhelm the body's ignorant defenses.  That is how people die for real. 

Fact 2.  Obama, Hillary, Bernie, and their kind show us that the virus has survived in the shadows, while we have dropped our guard.  The hard left now dominates the Democrats and their one-party media. 

Fact 3.  The hard left here and in Europe has built a malignant power axis with jihad, which rose to global prominence with OPEC around 1970.  OPEC regimes are primitive jihad-preaching despotisms, which paid for 9/11/01 (all the mass killers were jihadist followers of Saudi Wahhabism). 

We are still at war with them, or rather, they have always been at war with the infidels  (us).  Sometimes jihad goes into remission, as it did for fifty years in Turkey after  Ataturk drove the Ottoman priesthood out of power in the 1920s.  But then the current Islamofascist despot, Recep Erdoğan, was put into power at the insistence of the European Union (!) and supported by Obama (!), thereby showing the Left-Jihad Axis for all the world to see.  Erdoğan supports ISIS, buys its stolen oil from Iraq (which ISIS controls today), and sells it to Europe. 

Fact 4.  Obama, Hillary, and Jarrett are in close alliance with our enemies, jihad and the hard left, after penetrating the Democratic Party and therefore the one-party media. 

That is a summary of today's deadliest threat to America and Western civilization.  No exaggeration.  The evidence is all over the web, including American Thinker.  Read the evidence, and judge for yourself. 

Point 1.  The Left-Jihadist Axis is the single most important strategic fact today.  Bar none.  Even Putin is not necessarily our biggest enemy; he has said that he wants to be our ally in the Jihad War. 

Point 2.  Today's GOP mud fight has to be seen in light of the much greater strategic threat.  This is common sense, and it's also basic military doctrine.  You deal with the biggest threat first, and never let it out of your sight. 

Point 3.  This is also why the Left-Jihad Axis will do anything to confuse, deny, distract, deceive, blame, throw sand in our eyes, sabotage, infiltrate, and if necessary resort to violence to force you to take your eyes off their strategic threat.  War is deception, and Marxism and jihad (as well as Sun Tzu) agree that deception can destroy an enemy (us) at minimal cost. 

What does all this have to do with Trump?  Well, look at the poll numbers, and the betting market.  Trump is favored to win the GOP nomination at this moment and to win the U.S. presidency after that.  Nobody knows the future with certainty.  Trump might not win.  I might like Cruz better than Trump.  But strategically, at this time, Trump has the odds on his side.  It's reality.  If the evidence changes, we change our strategy also.  We want to win, and American survival is more important than any single candidate. 

Because we must act strategically above all, and because the strategic war pits the Jihad-Left Axis against Western and American civilization, we have to prioritize our objectives. 

We can summarize the state of the Left-Jihad war against us in one sentence: Trump is unquestionably better than Obama.  Trump isn't necessarily better than another GOP candidate.  But Obama and Obamanism are the strategic enemy. 

Forget that Obama is supposedly not in the game this cycle.  The fact is that all the Obamanoids are still our strategic enemies.  Hillary is running only because she made arrangements with Obama, or she would have been destroyed by media assassination by now.  Bernie Sanders is an old war horse who would not be in the race without the agreement of his radical buddies on the ex-Stalinist left.  Right now the Obama left are in disarray, because they can't dislodge Hillary, even though they want to run a much stronger candidate, like Liz "Fauxcahontas" or even Bloomberg.  The goal is to drive Obama's program through, and damn the constitutional torpedoes. 

So it's all about Obamanism, which equals jihad + hard Left. 

Strategic Goal 1.  The highest objective for pro-Americans is therefore to defeat Obamanism in this election cycle, and to keep defeating and defeating it, until it is driven back into its viral hidey-holes. 

Strategic Goal 2.  To accomplish Goal 1, we must elect as many pro-Americans as possible.  Other heights of the culture, like the schools, the media, and entertainment, must also be contested and won.  Once elected, politicians have to stay true to their word or be recalled by their voters. 

Strategic Goal 3.  Like it or not, the current state of play shows that Trump is a "good enough" choice.  No, he's not General Patton, but he's miles better than the Waffen SS.  This is war, whether you like it or not.  Like Lincoln, we need a general who will fight.  I think Trump and Cruz will fight the real strategic enemy.  Maybe some of the other candidates will, too – I can't tell right now. 

The bottom line is that Trumpism is better than Obamanism.  The enormous threat to our beloved country and Constitution is Obamanism, with or without Obama.  Hillary is an Obama clone.  So is Bernie, along with Fauxcahontas and Bloomberg. 

The GOP mud fight is a distraction.  It's meant to take your eyes off the ball.  Don't fall for it.  Remember our strategic priorities, first, last, and always. 

This is George Patton and the Third Army again.  Ignore static enemy strong points.  Instead, go right around them and strike at Hitler's bunker, just as fast as possible. 

Never allow yourself to be distracted by the enemy media.  Never lose the initiative.  Keep them reeling. 

Never fall for fake attacks and false fronts. 

Don't forget that the enemy media are always against us.  Don't try reason, because they don't do that.  You reason with them; they pull out a rhetorical pistol, and you're dead. 

Never respond to provocations alone. 

Go for the heart of the enemy and destroy it.  Use Alinsky against Alinsky. 

Don't give in to the temptation to be nice.  The enemy is not nice, but lethal. 

Listen to the language they use, if you doubt this: they use the language of rage and violence.  Assassinating Trump and Cruz is common talk on the other side.  They are too cowardly to do that (we hope), but it's in their dreams. 

We need to destroy the Left-Jihad Axis, peacefully, of course.  This is a political and culture war.  If our side wins, the outcome will always remain short of violence, because we do not follow an aggressive war doctrine.  Both jihad and Marxism do exactly that.  If we win, we will have peace.  If they win, there is no telling what might happen.  The historical precedents suggest bloody war if they win. 

Stay focused on strategy, strategy, and more strategy.  This is a time when tactics without strategy are doomed to fail.  The enemy has made this the battleground.  They chose the rules of engagement, and we have to either respond effectively or lose. 

Which one do you want? 

If you want to fight, you must pick the strongest candidate on our side and go all out to win.  If he wins and turns tail, we raise Hell. 

Semper fi.

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