Michelle Teaches Argentinian Girls about Catcalls and Chauvinism

Although no one has stopped American girls from learning, the U.S. government banner Michelle Obama travels the world carrying reads: “Let Girls Learn.” In fact, observant American girls like myself have studied how the FLOTUS cleverly exploits gender-specific initiatives to bilk the American public into covering exorbitant travel expenses. If a girl uses her brain, it’s easy to figure out that every year, after her ski weekend in Aspen, while Sasha and Malia are on Easter break the FLOTUS feigns false concern for educating girls as an excuse to impose her entourage on world leaders. Annually, in the name of education, Michelle loads up a couple of Air Force Ones, jets all over the globe, dresses up in expensive clothes, sight sees and mooches a free meal off of whoever is dumb enough to buy into the ruse. The FLOTUS spends $222K for two nights in China, and in between dancing the tango and eating fried fat cakes in Botswana, Michelle manages to wangle...(Read Full Article)