Media vs. Democracy: The Case of Poland

With New Year fireworks, Western media opened a frontal attack on the new Polish government formed after a landslide election victory by the Law and Justice Party (PIS). In 2015, the PIS won both presidential and parliamentary elections, and for the first time since WWII, removed entrenched post-communist forces from power in Poland. To the surprise of many Polish people, American media reacted with anger to this development, announcing that in Poland a radical right-wing government was formed and overnight introduced a dictatorship. Poland’s so-called “disturbing tilt to the right” was of grave concern to the Western media, which had been dutifully supporting the previous post-communist government of the Civic Platform (“PO”) and PSL coalition. Protests against “violation of democracy” and “Putinization of Poland” reverberated across the West. The primary reason for sounding this alarm was the alleged coup d’état...(Read Full Article)