Marx comes to the American Presidential Elections

No one could have expected that the current presidential campaign would feature not one but two candidates who resemble in some ways and might be considered Marxists, one of a traditional kind, the other a more modern version. The traditional one, Bernie Sanders, is a self-described democratic socialist but all his emotional rhetoric and compassionate indignation at the inequities in American society is related to what Karl Marx wrote regarding the concentration of capital and the banking system and the contradictions in the capitalist mode of production. That indignation was evident as a young man when Sanders spent a few months in a left-wing Israeli kibbutz as the guest of the Hashomer Hatzair youth, normally regarded as a progressive Zionist movement. The anger at those capitalist contradictions, and the unfair nature of American society, mostly manifested in and epitomized as “Wall Street” remains in the older 74-year-old Bernie, the advocate of the...(Read Full Article)