Liberal Fascism in Chicago Last Friday

On Friday, March 11, an event occurred in Chicago that reminded me of violent clashes between Nazis and Communists during the waning years of the Weimar Republic in Germany.  GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump canceled a scheduled speech at an event to be held in the Windy City, where a sizable crowd of left-wing students and Black Lives Matter activists clashed with Trump’s supporters.  Telecasts showed that in addition to screams of “Hitler!” and other face-to-face confrontations, punches were thrown and a few landed. Although Chicago police did their best to prevent bloodshed, the anti-Trumpeteers succeeded in preventing people from hearing what the Donald might have had to say.  Trump’s free political speech was trashed.  It remains to be seen if the anti-Trumpeteers’ tactic will be repeated.  After the Chicago rally was cancelled, the Soros-funded blog hailed the leftists’ success, and seemed to...(Read Full Article)