How Can I Possibly Grade These Students?

It's grade-grubbing season again.  With it come nervous, angry, and very rude students. How can I possibly grade the following actual unedited submissions? Attached is the actual outline for my ruff raft. Please, account this as credit therefore I'll prove my academic progression as acknowledgment for satisfactory of the course. The presentation shall be captivating with visualization being a current pet owner of a fish too! Then there is the public speaking class outline, where a student submitted the following: Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about Bill Clinton and why he is a memorable and unique former President. Central Idea: Bill is seen as a very affable person, many people can relate to Bill for multiple reasons. I. He can play the saxophone. II. Bill has no elite sources, privilege or status unlike many other former presidents. III.  He was the second President to ever get impeached, which made the public understand...(Read Full Article)