Bogie Gives Bernie a Lesson in Economics

What a young Ingrid Bergman was to feminine beauty Bernie Sanders is to muddled thinking. One of his favorite catchphrases is “In a country as rich as ours…” fill in the blank.  “In a country as rich as ours, there should be free tuition at public colleges and universities.” “In a country as rich as ours, the minimum wage should be $15 an hour.” “In a country as rich as ours, no child should go to bed hungry.” After all, we only spend $74 billion annually on food stamps. All of this raises the obvious question: How does a country get as rich as ours? For socialists, wealth is just there -- like rivers, mountains and wild flowers.  Their focus isn’t on creation but redistribution. Although he has no idea where wealth comes from, the Septuagenarian socialist is convinced the top 1% got theirs by exploiting the rest of us. “Democratic socialism means that we must create an economy that works for...(Read Full Article)