Beware Obama, the Benevolent

When President Obama stages a photo op to publicize signing a measure he claims will “help” American workers, you can be almost certain that “unintended consequences” will outweigh any intended benefits.  Lacking even an elementary understanding of how a market economy works, he only makes things worse. In an effort to avoid the Obamacare mandate, many companies reduced workers to fewer than 30 hours per week. This reduction of employees to part-time status continues to cause endless difficulties.  Employees have fewer hours and less income than they want, and employers have a harder time staffing their companies.  But the Obama administration continues to expand its grip on all aspects of American life. In 2014, the Labor Department proposed that under the Fair Labor Standards Act, about five million U.S. workers [would be] newly eligible for overtime pay by more than doubling the salary threshold.  This change is already being felt...(Read Full Article)