A Trump-Lover's Manifesto

I happen to like Donald J. Trump. In fact, if he becomes the next president of the United States I will react with joy, for one simple reason: he will have vanquished political correctness. Once upon a time, political correctness was an inside joke on elite campuses.  Twenty-five years ago, it referred to outlandish arguments at Cornell and Oberlin about whether to celebrate "Womyn's Herstory Month" or ban the word "Oriental."  Now it's become something far more serious.  It grew and grew, breaking out of the college elite to universities everywhere, and then eventually to the government and all of civil society.  It now stands as a system to silence people who oppose the power brokers' cultural agendas; it punishes dissenters through defamation, intimidation, a new McCarthyism, and even threats of outright violence. Nothing we debate matters if Americans can't have a real debate.  And we can't have a debate on...(Read Full Article)