When Government Does Good Things Poorly

It is no secret that middle-class Americans are angry at the government and the general state of things. The so-called anti-establishment candidates appear to be channeling that rage to their camps. It is a raw undefined rage that is based more on frustrations and emotions than on concrete facts or convictions. People are depressed, for example, by an economy stalled at a disheartening 2% growth. They are constantly assaulted by the gloomy mantra that state is broken and unable to provide for the nation. Government seems to be doing nothing well. This attitude is reflected in polls that show how the middle class is unhappy with the government. According to a recent poll by the Ripon Society, 69% of middle-class voters believe that the federal government is not doing enough for them. It is not giving them value for their tax dollars or sufficient return on investment. Ironically, those who complain about the shortcomings of the state doubt its ability to aid them. Nearly two...(Read Full Article)