What Do the Trump Voters Want?

Now that Donald Trump has won the South Carolina primary and Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz are very definitely second fiddles, we are all asking the old question allegedly asked by Freud about women. What do the Trump voters want? Perhaps the answer is in the great question asked by Frederick Douglass. “What shall be done with the Negro?” And his answer: “Do nothing with us.” Really, the same could be said for the white working class, that all of a sudden we recognize is in bad shape after a century and a half of doing from the state, with a suicide rate among white working class men only exceeded by the suicide rate among Native Americans. As Douglass said, “Your doing with us has already played the mischief with us.” The doing with the Negro was the worst, and still is, but the doing with the worker has come a close second. First the worker had to be exempted from the law against combinations, then protected from the exploitation of long...(Read Full Article)