The Upcoming Iranian Elections

The upcoming elections in Iran bear no good news for the Iranian people, who have always sought political and social freedoms, or for claims of a "new relationship" between Iran and the West falsely ascribed to the recent nuclear deal intended to curb Iran’s nuclear program. Before any votes are cast in the ballot boxes, diehard “Death-to-America” chanting supporters of supreme leader Ali Khamenei – who has the final word on all important state matters – are showing there is no sign of change coming from within Iran. Even the so-called "moderates" backing President Hassan Rouhani have seen 99% of their candidates disqualified in the two important elections. Placed together, this clearly signals no shifts or “reforms” from inside Iran can be expected from these polls, even after the “landmark” nuclear accord with the West and the expectations of ordinary Iranians rightfully raised. Due to the...(Read Full Article)