The Paradoxical Origin of Climate Alarmism

Three feet of snow on the streets of New York and Washington is mocking global warming alarmists.  The natural sciences tell us that the alarmists got everything wrong: anthropogenic carbon release is not dangerous or even harmful, but extremely beneficial.  15% of the world’s agricultural production is due to the increased concentration of carbon dioxide in the air.  What’s more, the global mean temperature has not been increasing for 19 years, and the slight warming expected from the emission of the infra-red absorbing gases is expected to be beneficial in itself. And contrary to the alarmists’ claims, ocean water is alkaline, not acidic.  See this short summary of science for more.  Listing all the scientific errors made by the alarmists would take many pages, not to mention their logical fallacies, economic delusions, civic blunders, etc. So how did it happen that such a worthless agenda became so powerful?  In large degree,...(Read Full Article)
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