Scalia the Bold Leader for Originalism

The importance of Justice Antonin Scalia, who passed away this past weekend, is based not just in what he said in his Supreme Court opinions, but how he said it. Famous for his biting and even entertaining dissents, Scalia at times (and usually the right ones) expressed a common sense moral outrage at both his liberal and less consistent conservative colleagues. He was the ‘everyman’ in his outrage, saying what we might want to say about their departures from sound constitutional jurisprudence, but far more gifted with a legal genius shaped by an originalist view of the Constitution -- and a wittiness that made conservatives smile and chuckle. His flamboyant style of writing legal opinions made him what marketing guru Seth Godin calls a “purple cow.” He stood out in a field of more common brown cows. But more than that, it was the boldness of his style that made him an intellectual leader for originalism. In a city and system of institutions that tend to...(Read Full Article)