Rubio's New American Century

Marco Rubio's closing statement at the February 13 debate in South Carolina ended with this: "I will unify this party, I will grow it, we will win this election, and we will make the twenty-first century a new American century."  If you visit Rubio's official website, you will be greeted with the candidate's boyish face, across which is emblazoned this campaign-defining question: "Are You Ready For A New American Century?"  "A slogan as sunny as the state he represents," gushed a recent endorsement at National Review. "Are you ready for a new American century?"  Weren't American conservatives asked this question once before, and after sampling that "New American Century" for eight years, didn't they fairly decisively reject it?  Has Rubio's presidential bid become a shiny new package for a dubious idea whose time has come and gone? During the 2012 election campaign, the Democrats and...(Read Full Article)