Revolution in 2016? Sanders or Trump?

Bernie Sanders promises a “revolution” in November. What he really means, if elected, is more of the same, only bigger - more taxes, more spending, and more redistribution of other people’s money.       The probability that any American political candidate will accomplish any “revolutionary” domestic reforms is slim to none. Even means testing for entitlements is anathema across the American political spectrum. American politicians of both parties posture, pander, and prosper on the supply side of entitlements. If there is to be real difference among 2016 candidates, variations are likely to be found mostly in foreign/military policy, not social programs. Foreign policy is, and always has been, the existential consideration. Indeed, we could argue that it, and apathy on the right, defeated Mitt Romney in 2012. Recall that during the last series of presidential debates, whenever candidate Obama mentioned terror, war,...(Read Full Article)