Last Night's GOP Debate: Lies and Liars

The main story for the night was anger and passion.  Does this help or hurt the GOP's prospects in November? Everyone seemed nervous, including the main moderator.  His voice quavered.  But the moderators were not the story, so we can move past them. Everyone talked about Scalia's passing and how important this election is.  Two branches of government are at stake. With that appropriate opening, let's take them in alphabetical order. Bush He criticized Trump as having a wrongheaded foreign policy.  Russia should not be an ally, and Assad should not remain in power.  Bush does not get his foreign policy from TV, which Trump does. Bush told Trump to stop attacking Bush's elderly mother.  Trump leveled the charge that George W. did not keep America safe; look at 9/11, after all.  Bush shot back that while Trump was building a reality TV show, his brother was building a security apparatus that kept us safe. He...(Read Full Article)