Islamic State Revives Historic Jihadi Tactics

As Western politicians and other talking heads insist that the Islamic State ("ISIS") has "nothing whatsoever to do with Islam," not only does ISIS correctly implement Islamic law – whether by demanding jizya from subjugated Christians or by sexually enslaving "infidel" women – but even the "caliphate's" arcane jihadi tactics belong to Islam. Consider a recently exposed "recruitment" tactic of ISIS: abducting, indoctrinating, and beating young children in order to mold them into explosive vest-wearing "martyrs" who hurl themselves onto "infidels": The children who managed to escape describe how they were indoctrinated into the jihadi group's radical brand of Islam and taught that they should execute their "unbeliever" [infidel] parents. ... "We weren't allowed to cry but I would think about my mother, think about her worrying about me and I'd try and cry...(Read Full Article)