Indenturing Students

Young voters should be very cautious in accepting Bernie Sanders’ idea that college should be free. Anybody who thinks this socialist-spun fantasy is a responsible plan should look at the rising student loan debt. It is now at $1.3 trillion and is stifling the finances of young people who want to get married, buy a house, buy a car, or pursue any other financial goals.  Socialism is a millstone around the necks of America’s middle class and poor. Anyone who disagrees with this should look at how the cost of a college education has risen much faster than wages. This was only possible because student loans became a substitute for incomes. They seemed to make college more affordable but that was not only an illusion: it was a hurtful, intentional fraud.  Democrats intentionally misrepresented the long-term costs of readily available student loans. Easy student loan credit increased the cost of college the same way easy mortgage loan credit, also...(Read Full Article)