How to Stop Trump

The Republican Party is now facing the threat of a hostile takeover. Donald Trump is not a conservative, he is not a Republican; he is not even a Democrat. Donald Trump is a radical demagogue who has chosen to invoke the tribal instinct to mobilize mob support behind an agenda of socialist policy and unlimited government. In other words, he fits the precise political definition of a national socialist. He is also an open admirer and apologist for Vladimir Putin, America’s number one enemy worldwide. His seizure of the GOP presidential nomination must be prevented. How can Trump be stopped? So long as the votes of the rational electorate are scattered among several alternative candidates, Trump’s advantage will remain overwhelming. Until the New Hampshire primary, there was some hope that one of the legitimate Republican contenders would clear the field early, allowing a unified party to stop the intruder. This hope has now faded. But there is a way to stop...(Read Full Article)