Godfather Trump now Threatens Cub Owners

The media obsession with “dirty tricks” by Sen. Ted Cruz stands in stark contrast to the benign neglect of the slash and burn tactics of GOP frontrunner Donald Trump. The media seems to be treating Trump’s slanders and threats the way they coddled Vice President Joe Biden, with the chattering class seemingly uttering in unison, “Oh, that’s just The Donald.” As Sean Hannity noted on his Twitter feed, Trump tweeted recently a version of his “don’t mess with me” mantra, summing up his modus operandi very concisely: “I’m very proud of this record. Wouldn’t this be good to have for the U.S.? Every person’s that attacked me has gone down.” For The Donald it’s don’t get mad, get even. The latest target of Trump wrath is the Ricketts family, the new owners of the Chicago Cubs who have transformed the lovable losers into genuine contenders. They also are active politically and that has put...(Read Full Article)