Formative experiences: The young Sanders supporters

Children often first become aware of politics through their parents and teachers talking about political events.  For many people my own age, 62, the earliest vivid political memories are of the JFK assassination.  I had just returned to my fifth grade classroom at St. Columba School after the lunch break, around 12:50 pm,  Mrs. O'Hare, our teacher, arrived soon after, looking quite shaken.  She told her class the President had been shot, then sat down at her desk and made no effort to start the afternoon's lessons.  A few minutes later the intercom came on.  Our principal announced that President Kennedy was dead, we should all pray for his soul and when finished with our prayer, school was dismissed for the day.  A classmate named Linda Johnson was immediately teased by some classmates that she was the new President.  Such kidding aside, most children in that elementary school knew their world had changed over lunch hour...(Read Full Article)