Countering Sanders's College Scheme

Bernie Sanders proposes to give at taxpayers' expense a free college education to every young American.  While learning is important to America, learning at a set age period and learning in the dreary institution of academia are terrible ideas.  Rather than simply reject the Sanders Plan (and the Hillary Plan along the same lines), conservatives ought to offer more attractive alternatives and ought to include all Americans. Instead of transferring wealth from taxpayers to colleges, which are top-heavy with administration and overpaid, underworked professors, why not pay any American of any age before retirement for passing proficiency tests equivalent to college degrees in useful areas like science, math, computer science, and languages? This stipend could be very attractive, even if it were significantly less than what a college degree in that subject might cost.  All Americans, whether working or at home, could have a strong incentive to actually learn, and...(Read Full Article)