Bernie Sanders's Free College Tuition Problem

Bernie Sanders is running for president of the United States proclaiming that under his presidency, all Americans will have the opportunity to attend public college for free.  There's only one fly in the ointment of this free college proposal: today in Illinois, half of the public college and university tuition goes not toward education, but toward pensions for college professors who no longer work. So in order for Sanders to make college free, someone, other than students, has to pick up the huge cost of the retired professors' pensions.  He has said nothing about eliminating this cost by  forcing public university professors to save for their own retirements.  Sanders is in an awkward  situation.  He has to gain the support of young voters by criticizing the high cost of college but can't acknowledge that his party not only depends on this money, but established this quid pro quo setup.  The Illinois Policy Institute has reported...(Read Full Article)