Bernie Sanders: He’s Not Just a Class Warrior

It has come as a surprise not only to Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party but to the whole country that thinks of him as a single idea presidential candidate, that Senator Bernie Sanders apparently thinks he has an unparalleled mastery of foreign affairs, and that he has never met a political dictator he didn’t like. Truth will out. Let’s start with Brooklyn, New York. In the late 1950s Bernie lost the election to become class president of James Madison High School. However, his influence, immense understanding of international affairs, and personal magnetism was such that the student who beat him soon accepted Bernie’s main platform of raising money for Korean orphans. From Brooklyn we go to Israel. In 1963 Bernie spent several months in Kibbutz Sha’ar Ha’amakim near Haifa, as a guest of the far left Hashomer Hatzair (Young Guard) youth movement. The movement took the Soviet Union as its model and for a time had Noam Chomsky as another guest....(Read Full Article)