Another Bloody Year for the Islamic Republic of Iran

February 11 marked the thirty-seventh so-called Islamic revolution's anniversary in Iran.  Since then, more than 8 million Iranians have fled their homeland to escape the rule of terror and bloodshed.  I am among those who voted against this stone-age regime with their feet. Although some observers had expected a degree of moderation after the so-called moderate president of the Islamic Republic (I.R.), Hassan Rouhani, reached an agreement with the world powers regarding the nuclear deal and the end of the sanctions, nothing has changed.  Political executions by the I.R. have continued to mount.  Indeed, during the past 12 months, hundreds of Iranians have been tortured and killed without any semblance of due process.  The number of announced executions in Iran in the last six months of 2015 reached nearly 1,000, not accounting for secret executions that have been acknowledged by family members.  In case after case, evidence reveal tortures,...(Read Full Article)