Trump Supporters and 'Victim Syndrome'

There is something unnerving about the nearly cultish support for Donald Trump. The similarities to the battered wife or victim syndrome are uncanny. My dear friend, Pam, has been a victim of emotional abuse for many years. She was attracted to Tom because of sales-like charm, toughness, flirtatious style, and extroversion. Pam was fully aware of Tom’s dark sides of his abusive demeaning rants, controlling nature, cheapness, unfaithfulness, and of his egotistical tendencies. She married him anyway and has been miserable for years.  Who do you think Pam is supporting for president? Donald Trump, of course. I asked her if she was supporting him because she tends to go for the bad boy, abusive type guys. Her response, “Now that I think about it… yes, that is probably right.” When it comes to American citizens, we have been abused, victimized, ignored and even ridiculed by our government, and in particular, by the Obama administration,...(Read Full Article)