Trump Supporters and 'Victim Syndrome'

There is something unnerving about the nearly cultish support for Donald Trump. The similarities to the battered wife or victim syndrome are uncanny.

My dear friend, Pam, has been a victim of emotional abuse for many years. She was attracted to Tom because of sales-like charm, toughness, flirtatious style, and extroversion. Pam was fully aware of Tom’s dark sides of his abusive demeaning rants, controlling nature, cheapness, unfaithfulness, and of his egotistical tendencies. She married him anyway and has been miserable for years. 

Who do you think Pam is supporting for president? Donald Trump, of course. I asked her if she was supporting him because she tends to go for the bad boy, abusive type guys. Her response, “Now that I think about it… yes, that is probably right.”

When it comes to American citizens, we have been abused, victimized, ignored and even ridiculed by our government, and in particular, by the Obama administration, for seven-plus grueling years. We are at the breaking point of our anger. While the out-of-control spending and oversized government started decades back, these problems have exponentially worsened under Barack Obama. 

We’ve had to endure terrible and dangerous mistakes as well as intentional ideological misdeeds by the Obama administration.  

To turn things around, we elected a GOP Congress that promised to end ObamaCare, reduce out-of-control spending, fix and enforce immigration, improve security, take care of veterans, and the like. And they have done nothing! You could say they lied to us to get elected. 

We are weary of feeling like victims of our own government and we are enraged, to put it mildly. So, here comes this knight in glitzy media armor, wild hair and all, billionaire Donald Trump, smelling the blood in the water. He’s tough, aggressive, is the center of the media spotlight and uses hyperaggressive rhetoric. He is here to save the day for us. Smart, adaptive guy that Trump is, he quickly flipped on most of his lifelong liberal policy positions so he could readily tap into our anger at seven years of abuse. He’s an intuitive opportunist. Narcissists focus with laser-like precision on their victims’ fears and weaknesses to manipulate them. Trump says he is here to rescue with his unmatched deal making to get things done. His theme is “Make America Great Again!” Rah, rah, rah! In fact, the other day he said he is better than Ronald Reagan. 

Problem is, Trump is a bully and lacks consistency in his words and actions. He has a history of supporting liberal policies and candidates, lacks any sense of diplomacy, and has been part of many unethical and questionable business deals. He is emotionally unpredictable, volatile, and even unhinged at times. 

Trump acts like a bratty young child, calling his highly accomplished opponents names: fat, ugly, very nasty, low-energy, mentally unstable, and more. His jokes include making despicable physical impressions of the disabled. When was the last time you saw this behavior -- in the third grade? He assaults people in personal ways, not on policy differences. Yet, Trump is idolized.

With Trump, one minute when you are good graces, he is lavishing you with glowing accolades. The next minute, as in the case of Ted Cruz, he is irate because Cruz stepped onto his entitled turf. He carries out personal attacks of the lowest kind. His dramatic inconsistencies just don’t square for a rational thinking person. The problem is, his victim supporters are not rational. They are emotionally hooked on his red meat rhetoric after years of governmental abuse. What is scary is that they are relying on one bully to destroy the other.

With Trump’s narcissistic and self-grandiose approach, he tries to sell us on the fact that only he, “the Donald”, can fix this country’s mess and make America great again. Donald Trump is a hero in his own mind. Sadly, victim supporters in great numbers are buying it.  What they fail to realize is that Trump will do more harm than good if he is given the opportunity. 

Obama is using a similar thuggish approach now -- using his pen and phone to enact executive actions way out of line with the Constitution. He ignores Congress regularly and they accommodate by coiling into a fetal position and doing nothing to stop him. Making matters worse, our judiciary branch, the Supreme Court, has also overstepped its boundaries of “making law” versus “interpreting law” on several key cases. Consequently, our Republic is in great danger. Two of the three branches of our government are abusing their authority. We cannot have another president who is already promising to abuse his power when elected.

If we get just one more liberal justice who legislates from the bench, you can say goodbye to the 1st and 2nd Amendments. Taking away or limiting our free speech and right to bear arms are on the “must-do” list for liberals. Should they succeed, say hello to a long-term abusive, controlling government. 

Remember, the loudmouth media mogul is a well-known crony capitalist. Trump promises people lots of stuff in reward for their support. Coincidentally, he has an uber-liberal sister who is a district judge who he thinks “would make a phenomenal Court justice.” He has tons of other liberal friends with New York values to select from too. Are you willing to take the risk of even one more liberal justice?

We need a president who is not a pay to play guy like Trump. Many don’t realize that Trump has recently donated to Rahm Emmanuel’s ($50,000) mayoral campaign, to Governor Cuomo, Mayor DeBlasio, and other ardent liberals to help his business interests. He also donated more than $50,000 to fight the Tea Party in Kentucky in support of Mitch McConnell’s re-election. Trump cannot be trusted.

Electing this abusive egotist, who rants and expresses our rage without a filter, would be a serious mistake. We need a level-headed, hard-driven leader who is extremely smart, principled, energized, who has demonstrated he is more than willing to take on the establishment on both sides of the isle. We need someone to restore the Constitutional principals and who can do so with urgency, clear values, and with a mature, well articulated approach. He needs to downsize or shut down many of the unnecessary federal departments that are out of control, abusive (IRS and EPA), and those that are impeding free markets and people’s rights. 

We must no longer be victims of an out of control, defiant government. It is time to turn our anger into action. We need a candidate who will lead the way to prosperity, harden our security, unhamstring free markets, reduce federal government over-reach, and restore the opportunities for the American Dream.

We don’t need a bully-in-chief egotist to protect us with anger, impulsiveness, and rage; we need a president who leads with integrity to serve us by adhering to the Constitution and by fixing the messes of his predecessor and of the do nothing Congress. It is clear that Donald Trump is unfit to serve. Let’s stop the cycle of abuse.