Time to Take Back State U

What happened at the University of Missouri last fall could have happened at any major state university save perhaps one: Purdue.  In that I live in Missouri (and have a wife on the faculty) and in that I got my Ph.D. from Purdue, I have had a front row seat to this entirely predictable saga. If, six months ago, you asked the University of Missouri curators which major state university was most likely to melt down, not a one of them would have said, "Mizzou!"  But that, I suspect, is because they had long since accepted the reigning absurdity on campus as normative. In fact, the meltdown commenced many moons ago.  For the record, 1968 was the year the university's liberal phase ended, and its progressive phase began.  With its official blessing of the Legion of Black Collegians (LBC) – created ostensibly to give "black students a voice" – the university abandoned integration for re-segregation. In 1970, the university...(Read Full Article)