The Two Trump-Killers his Opponents are Praying for

As Iowa, and then New Hampshire approach, the various opponents of Donald Trump are working their rosaries, bowing toward Mecca, sacrificing spotless lambs, lighting votive candles, chalking pentagrams in their basement floors, tossing coins in the fountain and virgins into volcanoes.  Basically, they are doing whatever is required to summon forth both Light and Dark Powers in a probably vain effort to push The Donald aside. This close to the first elections, it looks like neither divine nor satanic intervention is likely to smite Donald Trump. However, there are two potential “Trump-Killers” out there, hiding in the weeds, waiting to jump up and transform this already chaotic election just one more time. The odds don’t look good.  There is a long litany of failed efforts, taken by mere mortals, with but one goal: take down Trump: Fang- and claw-less milquetoast attack ads put out there by everybody and his brother Jack The National...(Read Full Article)