The Left's Problem with Nature and Logic

Imagine a fairly busy four-way intersection in a suburb of Anytown, USA.  At one corner of that intersection sits a man in a chair, plucked from a remote island in the South Pacific by some unknown force and placed there.  This man has never seen a car or a streetlight before, nor does he know anything about laws and customs that drivers have become accustomed to obey intuitively.  Imagine, however, that he is instructed, in his own language, to simply sit there and observe how these strange foreigners and conveyances move about. Within an hour or two, I'd lay a strong wager that the man could explain in a fundamental way how this system works, despite the fact that it's entirely foreign to him.  He could likely describe, in his own language and with relative accuracy, which light means go, which means slow down or stop, how the turn lanes figure into the design, what turn signals signify, perhaps the purpose of honking and certain hand gestures,...(Read Full Article)