The End of Saudi Arabia?

A more detestable regime than Saudi Arabia could not be found.  Arguably the most repressive regime on earth.  An absolute monarchy.  A Wahhabist theocratic nightmare that arms ISIS.  Only North Korea may be worse, and North Korea does not put women in burqas or have any areas where female genital mutilation (FGM) is practiced.  It is a close call.  At least North Korea does not ban alcohol. Make no mistake about it: Shi'a Iran, as bad as it is, is nowhere near as oppressive as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA).  There are churches in Iran, albeit persecuted.  There are none in the KSA.  Not even a façade of tolerance.  If Iran and the Shi'a-led Hezb'allah are the world's chief exporters of terror, it is because they are more competent than Sunnis, not because their tyranny is darker than the KSA's Wahhabism.  The Saud family came from the Arabian interior (the Najd) to overrun the west coast of...(Read Full Article)