Ted Cruz is Natural Born under Originalism

The people who question whether Ted Cruz is eligible to be president under the Natural Born Citizen clause fall into two categories: the sincere and the opportunists. This essay is for the sincere. Those who sincerely believe Ted Cruz is not a natural born citizen may be fed up with the Constitution being violated by the political class. Fed-up Americans may share my view that the Constitution is America’s supreme, paramount and fundamental law governing government, i.e., the law over government itself. Like me, they may see government as America’s biggest lawbreaker – with no close second. Many see themselves as “originalists.” They don’t believe in the theory of a “living Constitution” malleable to fit notions inconsistent with the perpetual purposes of American government to protect the liberty and security of the people, not just from foreign threats, but from abuse by our own political class, the tyranny of the majority, and...(Read Full Article)