Reagan was a RINO!

Various groups across our great nation have many traditions.  Latino families may celebrate their daughters' quinceañera.  Marathoners may travel to Boston or New York.  Hippies may attend a myriad of outdoor festivals, from Burning Man to Banaroo.  And Republicans, or should I say a subset of Republicans, engage in a quadrennial event referred to by some as the conservative litmus test, or the circular firing squad, in which they enjoy comparing their chosen Republican presidential candidate to Ronald Reagan and comparing every other Republican candidate to Karl Marx (or possibly Groucho Marx).  The length of this festival of futility usually runs from late November in the year preceding a presidential election and can end as late as the first Wednesday in November of the following year if the Democrat ends up winning the general election. Republicans did this in 2008, when the party nominated "that RINO" John McCain (Lifetime ACU...(Read Full Article)