Hillary Wants to Kill Me

Like millions of other Americans, I suffer from a life-threatening illness.  My disease is incurable, but its progression is slow.  I have lived with it for years while hoping for the breakthrough drug that will cure or further slow it.  I just wish all those running for president were as concerned about new drug development as I am. As one of the 15 million Americans suffering from cancer – not to mention hundreds of other life-threatening diseases – I would expect presidential candidates to support research into new life-saving drugs.  Most of this research is funded by drug companies, whose motive, in large part, is profit.  Hillary Clinton seems to think that the profit motive is somehow immoral, except in the case of her own and her husband's lucrative speechmaking and book sales.  She thinks the profits of drug companies are "obscene," even as she enjoys a family net worth of $111 million. A special target of...(Read Full Article)