Cruz Right, Trump Wrong on Ethanol

It has been said that if we were getting so-called “alternative” energy from potatoes instead of corn, the first primary/caucus would be held in Idaho instead of Iowa. As it is, ethanol from corn in the first state where votes are actually cast in a presidential election has led to endless political pandering in support of a fuel that consumes more energy than it provides, is difficult to transport, reduces car mileage, can damage auto enegines, and damages the environment. Presidential contender Sen. Ted Cruz, Republican from Texas, chose not to pander Thursday night in the Iowa debate, drawing the obvious conclusion that if ethanol were so cost-effective and beneficial, its use would not have to be mandated. Let the market and consumers decide in an “all-of-the-above” pro-choice energy market. Otherwise, what you have is a Solyndra on steroids. In response to the inevitable question, Cruz responded, as Time reports: “We should be developing oil,...(Read Full Article)