Can Trump Restore America?

Aristotle teaches that while we must love our friends, we must love truth more.  Today, I am probably going to lose some good friends, which is painful.  Nevertheless, my admiration for everything America was, everything modern civilization was, compels me to bite the bullet.   Donald Trump may win the Republican presidential nomination.  He may even be elected President of the United States -- stranger things have certainly happened recently.  However, while his popularity is understandable, an essential question remains: Is Trump the kind of leader who might begin to restore a crumbled constitutional republic? His appeal is obvious, and has been articulated well by others: he says the kinds of things normal, reasonable people say in their living rooms, but that politicians rarely say.  He vindicates the reasonable man's judgments by giving them public voice, after generations of that man being told, in every corner of public life, that...(Read Full Article)