Black Mob Violence: Easier to Find. Harder to Believe.

Black mob violence and denial are getting easier to find – and harder to believe. Let's start in Baltimore, an epicenter for practitioners of black violence and the public personalities who ignore, deny, condone, excuse, encourage, and even lie about it.  Sometimes all at once. In December, the BBC wanted to know why "so many young African-American men [were] being gunned down by the state." So naturally, it asked the white conductor of the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, Marin Alsop.  Her former mentor, the radical chic conductor Leonard Bernstein, could not have put it any sillier: "It's heartbreaking that we haven't dealt with these issues, that it requires violence, which I think it does require, to be honest, to change this equation," Alsop told Iqbal. "Inequality and injustice is unacceptable. Sadly, this has been the most violent year in Baltimore. We've had over 300 people murdered. It's a cry for...(Read Full Article)