A Soft Civil War

Washington, D.C. is blanketed in inches of soft powdery snow. The winds are mild and the roads unplowed. For a short time, we are bathed in silence as traffic, work, and commerce stalls. Once upon a time the Army was in charge of keeping the streets cleared, and they did, I’m told, a good job of it. With a form of self-rule, the district is in the charge, with the to-be-expected results: impassable streets. Online, however, in the Republican camp there’s a soft civil war going on in preparation, I suppose, for the upcoming Iowa primary. One wag whose name I’ve unfortunately forgotten indicated Iowa should get the first primary in the nation or ethanol subsidies, but not both. The point is well taken. With the exception of only Cruz to my knowledge, candidates desiring an early win and momentum promise to keep the subsidies going. (The Democrat caucuses in that state resemble nothing so much as the Zimbabwe farmers-workers meetings where in true Marxist style the...(Read Full Article)